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Piedra del Fraile

The beginning of the trip is on foot or on horseback following a path to the west. Progressively the arid slopes lead to the typical Patagonian forest of the area where the Nothofagus (Lengas, Ñires and Colihues) are predominant. After crossing the Río Blanco, from where there is a beautiful view of the Fitz Roy, if the weather allows, starts the climb bordering the Rio Eléctrico which descends from the Laguna Electrico. The path enters the thick forest of Nothofagus which later becomes less dense as it gets higher. During the trip you will have magnificent views of Los Andes mountains, views of the different granite peaks which characterize the area and a view of Paso Marconi, doorway to the Hielos Continentales.

Laguna de Los Tres

Leaving the country house you follow a path bordering the Río Blanco. It is a solitary path which allows you to have a better perception of the different sounds of nature. After travelling for 2:30 hours, you arrrive at the Camping Site “Río Blanco”. From there on, the path is zigzagged in order to compensate an irregular escalation of 500 meters before reaching the Laguna de los Tres. The path ends at the Arista de la Morena with a fabulous view of the lagoon and the icebergs on one side and, on the other side, the forest, El Chaltén and the Lago Viedma at the back. This is the closest view of the Fitz Roy granite wall and its peripheral needles. Going down the Morena you may follow the path which surrounds it where you may appreciate the beauty of the Laguna Sucia and its icebergs.

You may return to the country house on the same path or descend towards El Chaltén passing through Laguna Capri.

Glaciar Piedras Blancas

Leaving the country house on the path that borders the Río Blanco, after 30 minutes you will find a great view of the Glaciar Piedras Blancas, one of the lowest of the area. If you wish to approach the iceberg and its lagoon you should continue on the same path until the Camping Site Poincenot and from there cross the Río Blanco to access the area of the iceberg. You go on down the same path until you reach the creek Piedras Blancas which descends from West to East and is one hour walk away from the Camping Poincenot. You then retake the path bordering the river on its right margin and cross it almost where it commences and you finally are at the lagoon and closely appreciate the ice fallings.

Lago del Desierto & Glaciar Huemul

Leaving El Pilar by car, travelling north, always bordering the Río de las Vueltas. After an hour you arrive at the south point of the Lago del Desierto where the walk starts.

The path enters the forest. After travelling for 45 minutes upwards you arrive at the lagoon of the Glaciar Huemul. From there you have a beautiful view of all the Valle del Río de Las Vueltas with the Lago Viedma at the back. The Glaciar Huemul is an iceberg which lies in the Laguna Huemul, a lagoon of dark blue waters typical of the icebergs area.

Casa Madsen

Andreas Madsen, who was a countryside worker of Danish origin, arrived in Buenos Aires in 1901. He became a member of the Limits Commission with Chile and cooperated with the Perito Moreno. He built his first cottage, made of wood and furs, alongside the Lago Viedma. His interest in learning and knowing, his desires to find new horizons, his virtues as an artist, his high moral values and his great passion for nature immortalized in literature a model of a pioneer who left in the Patagonia his seeds of development and prosperity. At present, it is possible to visit the cottage where he lived by crossing the Río de las Vueltas by cable carriage.

Other activities

Other activities in the area:

  • Mountain Bike.
  • Estancia Los Huemules Natural Reserve
  • Expedition to the Hielos Continentales (3 to 10 days staying overnight at a camping).
  • Floating in the Rio de las Vueltas with great landscape views (excursions with closed groups).
  • Mountain activities: tiperope, rappel, etc.
  • Kayaking (for experts).
  • Bird watching / Contemplation of nature.
  • Sailing on the Lago Viedma to access the Glaciar Viedma.

Al activities offered by local operators