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The country house is located in one of the wildest and unexplored places of the Andes; it is also the starting point for paths which invite you to visit the region and enjoy to the fullest the peace and the sound of nature.

The preservation of the forests of Nothofagus carried out during decades allows the Patagonian fauna to be amazing and to cause fascinating experiences and sensations in our guests as they once did in those who first came to the area to explore the nature and the mountains.

We must bear in mind that we do not inherit nature from our parents but borrow it from our children.

The Escuela Nacional de Campamentismo recommends some practices for the preservation of this precious natural environment:

  • Walk in silence and, if possible, in groups no larger than 4 to 6 people. Walk in a straight line and avoid short-cuts.
  • Bring back all your waste and any garbage belonging to others that you may find on the way.
  • Do not annoy the animals and avoid the temptation of feeding them.
  • It causes an important visual impact to see painted rocks and great harm to engrave names on trees. Avoid doing this and discourage others from doing from this.
  • Do not make holes nor cut trees or branches in the camping. Once you leave there should be no traces of your stay and the place should look as it was when you arrived.
  • Dipose of physiological waste properly avoiding others to find it and avoiding the contamination of water in the area. The ideal thing to do with toilet paper is to bring it back. Minimize the use of soap.
¿Qué llevar?

What to take

From October to April.

For your stay at El Pilar we recommend to take:

  • A day backpack
  • Comfortable trekking shoes
  • Comfortable indoor shoes or sport shoes
  • A warm coat or wind jacket
  • A warm polar or woollen sweater
  • Thermic t-shirts
  • Gloves/ hat/ scarf
  • Sunscreen/ Sunglasses
  • A photo camera
  • Binoculars
  • Personal objects



In El Chaltén we have 2 ATM. During high season usually they run out so if possible bring cash before you arrive.

Libros sugeridos

Suggested books

  • La Patagonia Blanca- Germán Sopeña. Prometeo Libros.
  • La Patagonia Vieja. Andreas Madsen. Zagier & Urruty Publications.
  • Hielos Continentales. Guías Regionales Argentinas. Ediciones Caleuche.
  • Treeking en Chalten. Miguel Alonso. Guías Regionales Argentinas. Ediciones Caleuche.
  • Patagonia: Wild Land At The End Of The Earth. By Tim Hauf. Edition: Paperback.
  • In Patagonia (Penguin Classics). By Bruce Chatwin. Edition: Paperback.
  • Time Out: Patagonia (Time Out Guides). By Time Out. Edition: Paperback.
  • Lonely Planet Trekking in the Patagonian Andes (Lonely Planet Trekking in the Patagonian Andes). By Clem Lindenmayer, Nick Tapp. Edition: Paperback.


Para preparar mejor su viaje le recomendamos visitar los siguientes sitios web: