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Hostería El Pilar is located in the Valle del Río de las Vueltas 17 km from El Chaltén (Province of Santa Cruz) where the Río Eléctrico flows into the Río de las Vueltas. It is a privileged place since it is far from the most frequently visited attractions of the area and a starting point for many paths. It possesses a very special magic since it is surrounded by the Andean-Patagonian forest.

How to get there


The nearest airport is located in the city of El Calafate (237 km from El Chalten). The approximated flying time from Buenos Aires is 3 hours; from Bariloche, 1:30 hours and from Ushuaia, 1:10 hours.


Once you arrive at El Calafate there are regular buses to El Chaltén which have at least two services a day. The approximate travel time is 3 hours.


You may also get there by car, leaving from El Calafate, taking provincial Route 11, and then taking the legendary Route 40, travelling north. After 107 km you arrive at the bridge crossing the Río La Leona (we recommend you to stop for a view of the antique place). A little more to the north, once you have bordered the east side of the Lago Viedma, turn east taking provincial Route 23 which takes you to El Chaltén.

Once you arrive at El Chaltén, leaving the town by taking Avenida San Martín, you must follow a rocky path which ends at the Lago del Desierto bordering the Río de las Vueltas. The path enters the mountain and you may quickly appreciate the transition of the landscape into vegetation and forest. It is possible to find foxes, hares, skunks and many species of birds. The entrance to the property of El Pilar country house is on kilometre 17.